The Quest Inn at the Centre of the Universe

The out-of-this-world improv comedy saga.

042 - It’s Time We Talked (with Dan Thomas)

January 12th, 2020

Chase’s time machine returns to the Quest Inn, but something is very different - it’s now a sentient being.



“My name is Davis - but spelt with an ‘@’ for the ‘a’ so that’s quite fun. I’m very friendly really. I’m not a dangerous virus.”


Dan Thomas is highly infectious (in a good way!) as D@vis in this easy-to-download episode!



Beau Windon, Dan Thomas, Indiana Kiely and Tom Fahey

041 - All Booked Out (with Doug Neale)

January 5th, 2020

A sentient book materialises at the inn with a quest of its own. As good as their intentions may be, the crew struggle to help as it attempts to figure out what it’s all about.



“I’m a self help book. I’m gonna help people. Everyone’s gonna be different when they read me.”


Doug Neale is bound for greatness as X in this spine-tingling episode.



 Tom Fahey, Indiana Kiely, Doug Neale and Beau Windon

040 - Fuzzy Feelings (with Fiannah De Rue)

December 29th, 2019

Superfan Suzie Fuffel turns up looking for her favourite band and the crew must cover their tracks when this cute little space fuzz begins to suspect foul play at the Quest Inn, the last known location of intergalactic rap superstars TimmyTurner.



“What is your problem?”


Fiannah De Rue gets warm and fuzzy as Suzie Fuffel in this fantastic murder mystery episode!



Indiana Kiely, Fiannah de Rue, Beau Windon and Tom Fahey

039 - We Are One Unit (with Simon Hawkings and Matt Jackson)

December 22nd, 2019

After months apart, the Quest Inn crew must show a united front to combat the Crystalline Globular Race.

Already a tight situation, tensions mount at the arrival of King Bleedon when it becomes apparent that someone in the room is going to get royally screwed before the day is out.



“No one said I was a real king.”


Simon Hawkings and Matt Jackson mix it up as King Bleedon and the Crystalline Globular Race in this multi-dimensional episode of love, loss and potential redemption.



Beau Windon, Tom Fahey, Simon Hawkings, Indiana Kiely and Matt Jackson

A mid-season minisode! (3 of 3)

November 24th, 2019

The end of the last episode (038 - Balai the White) saw Katherine and Bocky set off for Space Disney with Mop LeBlanc, leaving Chase behind to clean up the Quest Inn.

These minisodes chronicle their adventures.


All-new weekly episodes of The Quest Inn at the Centre of the Universe are coming soon... just in time for Xmas!