The Quest Inn at the Centre of the Universe

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011 - I’m Game If You’re Game (with Zach Navarre)

Christopher the Conceptual Pigeon turns up at the Quest Inn to find out how his old college buddy Bocky has been getting on.

Guest starring Zach Navarre as Christopher the conceptual pigeon.



010 - We’re Very Proud (with Simon Hawkings)

Cedric the dwarf returns to collect his reward, and after months of waiting for this day, Katherine is not sure what to expect.


Guest starring Simon Hawkings as Cedric.



009 - Have We Met Before? (with Millie Holten)

Former Detective Susan Sarandon wants a low-key quest to distract herself from a mundane family life and puts the heat on Bocky and Chase for their criminal pasts.


Guest Starring Millie Holten as Dt. Susan Sarandon.



008 - I’m Dancin’! (with Tom Burton)

Down on his luck, tricky fox Mickle Mantel makes an appearance at the Quest Inn. Having crossed both Chase and Katherine in the past, will they be willing to help out an old friend?


Guest starring Tom Burton as Mickle Mantel.



007 - Tell Him I Quit

After the investigation Chase, Bocky and Katherine are desperate to make some sales and, against better judgement, allow a group of trolls to stay at the Quest Inn for a three day conference.