The Quest Inn at the Centre of the Universe

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021 - Oh My Gosh (with Taylor Griffiths)

Mrs Maggie Gosh charms everyone during her stay at the Quest Inn.


Guest starring Taylor Griffiths as Mrs Maggie Gosh.


020 - A Round Of Applause (with Andy Balloch)

The arrival of former Quest Inn employee Measles the Weasel (whose picture is on the easel) gives more questions than answers.


Guest Starring Andy Balloch as Measles.



Tom Fahey, Andy Balloch, Indiana Kiely, Beau Windon


019 - Are We Still On Probation? (with Lukas Quinn)

Employment hangs in the balance when Adric the Helien returns to assess the team's progress.


Guest starring Lukas Quinn as Adric.



018 - Something’s Gone Horribly Wrong (with Pedro Cooray)

14-year-old android Jeffy wants to buy a quest but the team are reluctant to make the sale to a minor.


Guest starring Pedro Cooray as Jeffy.



017 - People With Scars Aren’t Nerds

Bocky and Katherine meet a future version of Chase, who's come to the Quest Inn to exact revenge on his past self.