The Quest Inn at the Centre of the Universe

The out-of-this-world improv comedy saga.

Space Junk 04 - Old Sock

August 26th, 2018


The vacuum of space is a cold and lonely place...

The food processing unit has been laughing at you again. You try to reason with it, to find out why, but all it gives you is nutrition bars. You've drawn a family of cats on your left hand. At least those guys are on your side. There was something you were supposed to be doing... if only you could remember what it was. Static from the barely functioning radio receiver washes over you and it all becomes clear... you are the universe. The stars seem brighter than usual. You gaze at them and wonder why...

Old Sock is the fourth part in a mini-series of sketches collectively called Space Junk.


Indiana Kiely, Tom Fahey, Morgan Thistlethwaite, Beau Windon

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