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#QuestInnPodcast - TRAILER

Welcome to The Quest Inn at the Centre of the Universe with Chase Quarterly the time traveller, Katherine Wilder the last Shentaur, and Bocky the idea rooster. Join the fun with a new guest and adventure in every episode. Surreal sci-fi shenanigans abound in this epic improvised and serialised comedy saga!

044 - Infestation (with Lucy Rees)

The Quest Inn has an ant problem in this killer episode featuring Lucy Rees as Porl Rude.

043 - And... Scene! (with Hayley Tantau)

With stars in their eyes the Quest Inn crew enlist Janet St Clair to help them find success on Broadway.   Hayley Tantau is just doggone adorable as Janet St Clair in this drama-fuelled tale of blood, sweat and tears.

042 - It's Time We Talked (with Dan Thomas)

Chase’s time machine returns to the Quest Inn, but something is very different - it’s now a sentient being. Dan Thomas is highly infectious (in a good way!) as D@vis in this easily downloaded episode!

041 - All Booked Out (with Doug Neale)

A sentient book materialises at the inn with a quest of his own. As good as their intentions may be, the crew struggle to help X figure out what he’s all about. Doug Neale is bound for greatness as X in this spine-tingling episode.

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