The Quest Inn at the Centre of the Universe

Out of this world improv-inspired comedy and mischief.



Written and performed by

 Beau Windon as Chase Quarterly

Indiana Kiely as Katherine Wilder

Tom Fahey as Bocky the Idea Rooster


with narration by

 Mog Thistlethwaite


Many thanks to our special guests for their invaluable contributions and help in bringing these episodes to life. 

Guest Character Episode/s
Hill Hügel Howard Checking Out: Behind the Quest Inn - episode 2
Charlie Sturgeon Miscellaneous voices Space Junk 5-9
Tom Burton Mickle Mantel 026, 008
Caitlyn Staples Cecily 026, 005
Millie Holten Dt. Susan Sarandon 026, 025, 009
Simon Hawkings Cedric Crowdsourced 025, 010, 002
Tim Quabba Raisin Crust 024
Sophia Stanley Penelope Winters 023
Megan Mitchell Agatha Crispy 022
Taylor Griffiths Mrs Maggie Gosh 021
Andy Balloch Measles the weasel 020
Lukas Quinn Adric the Helien 019, 006
Pedro Cooray Jeffy 018
Becky Swannick Mary-Jane the frankfurter 016
Zoe Gough Dr Libby Phil 015
Davis Murphy Woodrow Backers the Space Cow Boy 014
Luca Kiarato Fedro the Gnome 013, 003
David Todman Franklin Delano Roostervelt 012
Zach Navarre Christopher the Conceptual Pigeon  011
Stephanie Teitelbaum Box Fleecy the Rubik's Cube 004


Main theme and additional music by

Soul Doubt


Many sound effects used in this podcast are sourced from the following libraries:



This podcast is recorded and produced by Potato Revolution


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Under Creative Commons, attribution is required for sounds used in the following episodes:

Episode 027:

Checking Out: Behind the Quest Inn - episode 2:

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Space Junk 02:,,,,,,,,,

Space Junk 01:,,,,,,,

Episode 026:,

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Episode 024:

Episode 023:,,

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Episode 021:,,,

Episode 020:,

Episode 018:

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Episode 009:,

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Episode 007:,

Episode 006:

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Episode 004:

Episode 003:,

"Radio Commercial":